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Courses and Workshops

Clapham - SW11

Open Afternoon

Our Crystal Stall will be at the College of Psychic Studies on Friday 13th April 2018, see below for ticket information.

Please click here to book through the college or telephone: 020 7589 3292


Workshops coming up in 2018

Each of our workshops introduces you to crystal healing - always for your highest good but only that which you are able to cope with at the point in time. Workshops include healing, creativity, chanting, sound, tarot/oracle cards, crystal mandalas and all will include love, laughter and unity with our crystals in a safe and sacred space.

All 1 day workshops are £75

Crystaline Ancestral Healing - One day workshop healing, balancing and repairing ourselves. TBA

Wellbeing and Empowerment Workshops

Rudolf Steiner writes in his workings of the Goddess “Christ spoke of my Mother, the Holy Spirit”. It is for this reason that we must re-address the balance of male and female energy within our world for the future.

At this time in our society there is an imbalance of the male and female energy.

In a small group we will work together to empower, heal and align any imbalance in our energy, using our crystals as a tool to facilitate wellbeing.

All workshops are £75

2 Year Crystal Healing Course

This course will be held in small groups and split into eight weekends over each year. Students will be taught about the crystals, their properties and uses, lots of intuition work, meditation and self healing.  There will be practical sessions with many healing techniques to learn, which will be practised within the group, with your friends and family.  Only 2 places remaining More Information

The College of Psychic Studies - SW7

  • Introduction to Your Inner Divine Goddess

    In this workshop we shall meet with some of the many different aspects of the Goddess through meditation, ritual, sound and Earth healing with our crystals, re-empowering a spiritual balance within us.

    The Divine Feminine Energy or our Universal Mother is the source of all fertility, wisdom and love.

    We see her in the moon cycles and this is why she is known as the three aspects of our lives as maiden, mother and crone or the boy, father, wiseman, symbolised in the waxing, full and waning moon. The Goddess has dominion over the earth, sea and moon. She is changeless and eternal, giving birth to abundance.

    If you would like to begin to connect with the Goddess energies within yourself, you will enjoy this work immensely.

    Please bring drums or rattles.

    Sunday 26th October 2017 10:00am - 5:00pm

    £75 Members / £95 Non-Members  Click her to Book Now

  • An Introduction to Crystals and Self Healing

    Crystals are used as a tool for healing to treat the individual holistically and not just for the symptoms of an illness.

    Using crystals in this way can help to release years of long standing problems allowing personal growth in the future and the ability to open up to new possibilities.

    With our busy lives we all need some healing on a regular basis. Crystals have been proved by NASA to contain the same DNA patterns as humans and the stars above, so crystals can work with us to help mend blockages and outmoded patterns in all layers of our being.

    Come and learn how to use crystals to relive stress and improve your health.

    Techniques will be taught which can be integrated into your daily life for well-being and happiness. From years of crystal healing experience Valerie has heard many students say that taking charge of their own self-healing has been very empowering and uplifting.

    All are welcome.

    Two part workshop Thursday 8th March and Thursday 15th March 2018 - 1:30 - 4:30pm

    £75 Members / £95 Non-Members  Click her to Book Now

  • Using Crystals to Rejuvenate Your Chakras

    Following on from ‘An Introduction to Crystals and Self Healing’ course, we will utilise what we have learnt about crystals and apply it to healing and balancing the chakra energy within our bodies.

    Each week we will work on a different chakra and you will select crystals of your choice to work with.

    You will sense how each crystal has its own individual energy and learn how that energy can help to balance and rejuvenate your personal energy levels.

    Two part workshop Thursday 22nd & Thursday 29th March 2018 - 1:30 - 4:30pm

    £75 Members / £95 Non-Members  Click her to Book Now

  • College Open Evening

    Our next social event is coming up and we are really looking forward to having another fabulous night together. Why don't you come and join us?

    Friday 13th April 2018

    Please book early to avoid being disappointed.  To pre order crystals to be collected on the day please contact us for further information.

Please click here to book through the college or telephone: 020 7589 3292