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Courses and Workshops

Clapham - SW11


Workshops coming up in 2019

Each of our workshops introduces you to crystal healing - always for your highest good but only that which you are able to cope with at the point in time. Workshops include healing, creativity, chanting, sound, tarot/oracle cards, crystal mandalas and all will include love, laughter and unity with our crystals in a safe and sacred space.

All 1 day workshops are £75

Wellbeing and Empowerment Workshops

Rudolf Steiner writes in his workings of the Goddess “Christ spoke of my Mother, the Holy Spirit”. It is for this reason that we must re-address the balance of male and female energy within our world for the future.

At this time in our society there is an imbalance of the male and female energy.

In a small group we will work together to empower, heal and align any imbalance in our energy, using our crystals as a tool to facilitate wellbeing.

All workshops are £75

2 Year Crystal Healing Course

This course will be held in small groups and split into eight weekends over each year. Students will be taught about the crystals, their properties and uses, lots of intuition work, meditation and self healing.  There will be practical sessions with many healing techniques to learn, which will be practised within the group, with your friends and family.  Only 2 places remaining More Information

The College of Psychic Studies - SW7

  • Crystals and the Art of Placement in Your Home or Office

    As we grow spiritually we often forget to clear out the old, which can be physical, like items in our home or invisible like the residue of outgrown ideas and prejudices, childish feelings and old information and paperwork.

    Since our own energies are constantly changing we should make changes in our home and workspace to complement the vibration surrounding us.

    In this workshop we will focus on filling our home and work space with positive energy to improve our health, wealth and well-being. Crystals are a wonderful tool to help us to recognise what changes are needed and how to bring about that change by their placement in key areas of our home or workspace.

    The art of placing a certain object or symbol within a designated area to balance and harmonise one’s life, home, fortunate blessings, cash flow and relationships was well known by our ancestors who respected the power of the elemental and nature spirits.

    This ancient art has been in existence for centuries and today we will use some of these old ways to transform ourselves and our surroundings using crystals to improve those areas of our lives which need maybe more flow or some control.

    Sunday 31st March 2019 10:00am - 5:00pm

    £85 Members / £105 Non-Members  Click her to Book Now

  • An Introduction to Crystals and Self Healing

    Crystals are used as a tool for healing to treat the individual holistically and not just for the symptoms of an illness.

    Using crystals in this way can help to release years of long standing problems allowing personal growth in the future and the ability to open up to new possibilities.

    With our busy lives we all need some healing on a regular basis. Crystals have been proved by NASA to contain the same DNA patterns as humans and the stars above, so crystals can work with us to help mend blockages and outmoded patterns in all layers of our being.

    Come and learn how to use crystals to relive stress and improve your health.

    Techniques will be taught which can be integrated into your daily life for well-being and happiness. From years of crystal healing experience Valerie has heard many students say that taking charge of their own self-healing has been very empowering and uplifting.

    All are welcome.

    Two part workshop Thursday 21st and Thursday 28th February 2019 - 1:30 - 4:30pm

    £85 Members / £105 Non-Members  Click her to Book Now
  • Crystals for Health & Wellbeing

    Feeling out of sorts? Crystals can be used to align and balance all the different energies we contain in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Today is about bringing them all into a state of on-going equilibrium. 

    We shall be working on:

    • Healing any blockages in our energy system to bring more order and stability into our lives
    • Which minerals are you lacking - how to remedy this with crystals
    • How to keep your aura clean
    • Gain energy, sleep well and be in balance

    This will be a day of giving and receiving healing and those attending should have already attended Valerie's Introduction to Crystals and Self Healing workshop so that you know how to ground and protect yourself and activate crystals.

    Two part workshop Thursday 14th & 22nd March 2019 - 1:30 - 4:30pm

    £85 Members / £105 Non-Members  Click her to Book Now

Please click here to book through the college or telephone: 020 7589 3292