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Crystal healing is considered to be a holistic treatment helping to reunite the mind, body and soul harmonising the client's own natural energies to facilitate a sense of well-being and emotional restoration.

It is a completely natural treatment where crystals act as magnets to rectify levels of positivity and negativity within the body, thus removing blockages, enabling harmony, health and balance and is useful in treating the problems created by the stress of every day modern living.

It is safe and simple and also compatible with other forms of treatment. You will not need to remove any clothing except your shoes, but you will be required to relax and to answer a few confidential questions about your medical history, current state of health, occupation and life-style in order to receive the full benefit of this crystal experience.

Crystal healing aims to provide a sincere holistic and confidential service to promote self-happiness, calmness and a feeling of well-being.

Valerie Pitts has obtained her Healing Diploma with the International College of Crystal Healing, an organisation that insists on a high standard of training and treatment, ensuring the protection and safety of the general public at all times.

Healing Session - Charge 80 - Approximately one hour. Click here to arrange an appointment

Polite notice: 48h notice is required to cancel an appointment or full fee will be payable.